Dukes Great British Restaurant

Bespoke, handmade exterior torcheres  |  Compact specification  |  Tight budget with a high quality end result  |  Integrated LED into furniture and architecture


Dukes Hotel


London, United Kingdom


Astro Lighting, Jonathan Coles, Orlight, &Tradition,


Design LSM

The Great British Restaurant, set within the award-winning Dukes Hotel, has undergone an exciting makeover.

The 5 Red Star award-winning Dukes Hotel has undergone an exciting makeover and rebrand to its 58 cover Great British Restaurant, GBR.

LAPD’s concept that was critical in the transformation of the luxury hotel restaurant into a modern classic.  We combined the aesthetics of a traditional restaurant lighting design with the functionality of LED technology.  In doing so, we created a beautiful and functional scheme, improving the diners’ experience.

Custom LED Light Technology

Two custom-made brass LED torchères welcome guests to the dedicated GBR entrance.  Nestled down Little St. James’s Street, the entrance benefits from a soft, warm illumination.  The bespoke fittings also assist with visibility from St. James’s Street.

Once inside the entrance lobby, recessed LED wall washers graze the black & white photography decorating the walls.  This continues through the corridor and into the main restaurant itself, highlighting the diners’ boundary.

Throughout the restaurant, integrated linear LED light creates pockets of interest.  Key features, such as the delicate brass wine cabinet and the prominent feature of the restaurant, the opulent dark marble bar, benefit from this linear LED illumination.  Deep-recessed adjustable downlights with black apertures provide gentle ambient light through the main thoroughfare, while keeping glare to a minimum.  The interior abounds with tactile textures, warm metal finishes and antique mirrored surfaces create.  2700K lighting further enhances the myriad reflections.

The antiqued mirrored ceiling rafts and wall panelling reflect the existing interior structure.  Hidden LED coves, detailed behind the rafts, highlight the beautiful architectural cornice while delineating the ceiling boundary.  These provide a soft veil of light throughout.



  • hospitality lighting design at Dukes logo on wall close up

Along the perimeters, contemporary double wall sconces with smoked glass diffusers provide a direct/indirect illumination.  Fixtures can be progressively dimmed due to the use of classic tungsten halogen lamps.  Consequently, this creates the warmth and the look we associate with relaxing spaces.

By design, the layers of light enhance the architecture, materials and the dining environment.  We implemented simple lighting controls so as to allow each key element ample dimming control.  Various lighting scenes are pre-programmed, changing the dining environment for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then for the evening cocktail bar.