Lighting design consultants – London and beyond!

Built from the ground up over 21 years, LAPD has become a globally operating, award-winning and trusted lighting design studio.

Sharing light and beauty

We aim to connect people emotionally with their environment through the application of life-enhancing natural and artificial light – using all our creativity and knowledge together with a dash of adventure.

Experience, vision and understanding

Our philosophy is built on our belief that lighting is a luxury and by using it with the ultimate consideration we can enable beautiful and human focussed spaces.

We are known for being friendly, approachable and easy to work with. We have demonstrated our professional competency with clients from around the world, on projects that range from attics to airports, from culture to commerce.

For every project our goal is to be innovative, flexible and pro-active. We respond enthusiastically to new opportunities, using our understanding as the springboard for originality.

We are eminently realistic, developing tangible solutions that work. And we explain light in a language that our clients understand, sharing our knowledge so that you are enabled to make informed decisions, for today and for the future.

Explore our extensive lighting design portfolio below, covering an array of sectors including architectural, retail and commercial. Take inspiration from our impressive range of case studies such as our collaboration with the famous Tower of London, Barclaycard Arena and Costa Coffee.