HP Mobile World Congress

All-LED design  |  Accent light without glare  |  Colour temperature variation  |  Adept response to tight budget, short timescales and on-site challenges


Hewlett Packard




Exenia, iGuzzini


LumenPulse Group


Ivory Worldwide

"An exacting response to a high-tech project takes full advantage of LED technology, with distinct colour temperatures and outputs controlled through innovative optics to focus on products without glare."

The Ivory Worldwide commissioned LAPD to provide a commercial lighting design to Hewlett Packard’s stand at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The stand was compact and complex, with no fewer than 12 identified discrete areas within 150 square metres.  These ranged from mobile product display vignettes to meeting rooms and hospitality space.  The brief called for controlled lighting, with each vignette having a different character.  The aim was to create a space where visitors felt like they were walking into “a cool and cutting edge retail interior”.

On approach, a full width graphic banner bearing the familiar HP logo capped an open-sided stand.  Primarily lit from the full stand height with track-mounted spotlights, the stand appears inviting due to the warmth of the light.  LAPD selected the spotlights because of their minimalist looks and deep-recessed light source.  They offered a discreet, powerful solution to the need for focussed and glare-free light to the displays.  With an integral driver, each spotlight has a pure aesthetic.

The 3000K colour temperature creates a warm and inviting space.  A high CRI ensures that colours were true to life.

The grid of track conformed to the structural support columns.  A last-minute adjustment on site introduced a stretched fabric ceiling at 4 metres above the floor level.  Our previous concept had included an ambient glow above 4 metres, but with this now excluded from the stand, the track-mounted luminaires would provide almost all of the light.

By using a mix of optics facilitated by the fast response of the manufacturer, we were able to adapt to the on-site change.  As a result, we created the environment HP wanted – a bright and exciting space, enticing people to visit.  Narrow beam spotlights highlight key points of interest, while wider optics provided ambient light.  The excellent optical control meant that light was cast into the centre of each section of the stand without glare.


  • retail lighting design: Barcelona HP booth
retail lighting design: Barcelona HP booth

The stand had 5 bright light boxes in place.  It was therefore essential to illuminate background walls so that there was no harsh contrast.  Fully recessed linear wall washers offered the right light to the blue walls of the display vignettes.  The scalloping of light on these walls gives a subtle variance to the overall look of the stand.

Tying into this variance, LAPD lit other wall surfaces in the same way with wall-mounted spotlights on extended arms.

Completing the “front of house” package, bare Plumen 002 pendants clustered over the Executive Professional Mobile freestanding vignette.  Requested by the client, these attract attention to a core customer base.

The rear half of the stand incorporated a hospitality space, office, 4 meeting rooms, a small kitchen and a “tech room”, housing servers and control for the stand.

The inviting atmosphere set up by the front of house lighting continued into the hospitality space.  A trio of large LED pendants brought the ceiling height to a more intimate level.  Adjustable downlights focussed on to the coffee machine and credenza, while deep recessed downlights provided further ambient light to the hospitality area, kitchen and tech room.

The meeting rooms were a key consideration for the client and needed an even illumination to accommodate video presentations.  Concealed above a floating ceiling, the same linear wall washers cast ample uniform light on to the walls that reflected into the room.  A cluster of 12 Plumen 002 lamps completed the lighting package, supplementing the existing ambient light with bright, broad spread.