Arcus IV

Reception lighting design | Lighting feature | Feature staircase | Façade lighting treatment | Elegant lighting design


AB Developments


Moscow, Russia


iGuzzini, Zumtobel, Hess, Ghidini, LEDLinear, Ecosense


Stanton Williams

LAPD worked with Stanton Williams and Gillespies to illuminate the façade, landscape and internal spaces within this high-end office tower in Moscow.

The building is neighbour to the Arcus III tower completed in 2015 and the lighting had to achieve both a connection between the two building plots through the landscape design, and appropriate differentiation between the building fronts through the façade design.

The general lighting across the landscape uses LED versions of the previously specified City Elements columns. The outputs, colour temperature and beam distribution from these were carefully selected to balance the existing light levels across the full landscaped area.

Light was also introduced at low level in the underside of benches and integrated into the gazebos around the base of the building. A small selection of trees across the landscaped area are uplit along with the large sculpture, which is lit from within the water feature, creating a shimmering effect. All up-lighting is controlled to switch off late in the evening. A rill feature bisects the landscaped area and is illuminated by low level lights that light across the surface of the water.

The facade itself has a subtle treatment that involved the integration of light within the main façade columns at the top and bottom of the building. The light emitted from the luminaires is contained within the channels fading out quickly to create a base and crown to the facade. This combines with some up-lighting to the canopies at the top and bottom of the building.

As you enter the reception space a large suspended light feature hangs across the main ceiling. It is made up from multiple linear tubes of light, arranged in a regular formation that harmonises with the panelled ceiling above. The staircase at the far end of the space is illuminated from below, enhancing its sculptural form.

General lighting to the reception area is provided by low glare linear downlights that fit between the ceiling panels and create an even spread of light below. An increase in the light level is achieved above the seating and the reception desk to highlight those areas using narrower optics.

The main reception wall has a backlit area, broken up by wooden slats to create an expanse of illuminated vertical surface, highly visible from outside the reception space.

The linear downlight approach between the ceiling panels is continued into the café area and the ground floor lift lobby. As you ascend to other floors within the building the approach to the lift lobbies is different. These have a ceiling raft lit along its perimeter with indirect light and glowing circular downlights arranged in the centre of the raft to produce direct light across the floor below.

The toilets combine indirect light with downlighting in the lobby spaces and cubicles, continuing the balance of direct and indirect light that is woven throughout all areas of the project.