The Monet Residence

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AB Developments


Moscow, Russia


Bega, ACDC, iGuzzini, LED Linear, Meyer, Ecosense


Architectural FX, Commercial Lighting Systems, Architainment


Aukett Swanke

Lighting creates intimacy, warmth and a high level of visual interest within an architecturally dominant space.

LAPD designed the lighting for the reception space, canopy and landscaped areas around this high-end residential tower in Moscow.  The interior lighting scheme has created intimacy, warmth and a high level of visual interest within an architecturally dominant space.

Around the walls of the reception area, large paintings pay homage to the impressionist artist Monet.  Adjustable, high CRI downlights highlight the paintings against the dark stone backdrop.  The downlight feature outputs and optics carefully selected for each painting.  As a result, they became vibrant feature elements around the perimeter and allowed decorative lighting features to stand out throughout the rest of the lobby.

Keeping the number of recessed adjustable lights to a minimum ensured a pure ceiling aesthetic.

With exception to the entrance zone, no other downlighting featured within the space.  A small number of recessed downlights provides a soft level of light in the entrance.

Concealed linear LED highlights the changes in ceiling height and provides glare-free ambient lighting.  Similarly, linear LED set beneath the stair treads boosts ambient light levels and reinforces the strength of the architecture.  These elements enhance the interior, consequently adding visual interest.  They also increase the perceived size and brightness of the reception area.  This therefore allows lower overall light levels, providing an intimate feel within the space.

A single visible line of light, recessed into the ceiling above the reception desk, identifies it and provides it with the required prominence within the space.  This is the only visible line of light within the lobby.


  • hospitality lighting design: building exterior
hospitality lighting design: interior


Three feature pendant lights identify the main seating area.  Geometrically, these remain in keeping with the hard lines of the interior space but in contrast they feature a fabric wrap to soften the aesthetic and harmonise with the soft furnishings below.

To help identify the seating area within the wider interior, LAPD used floor-standing lamps with a warm colour temperature at key points throughout the space, these provide more intimacy, local control and decorative focal points at low level.

Outside the space a warm, even blanket of light from the canopy above welcomes residents. Perforations within the side allow light to bleed through the signage on the canopy creating an appealing sparkle.  Therefore, this is repeated on various other elements throughout the landscaped area.

The feeling of intimacy and warmth continues throughout the landscape lighting around the tower, including an Italian garden.­­ Discreet luminaires create appealing pockets of light within the lowest level of foliage, while elegant uplighting of the taller trees gives height to the scheme.