2 Kingdom Street

Bespoke backlighting  |  Trimless luminaires  |  Seamless integration  |  Ultra-narrow beam luminaires  |  Illuminated coloured glass walls and glazed floors


Kohn Pederson Fox


Paddington, London


Riegens, XAL, Bega, Oldham Lighting, Insta UK, Encapsulite, Profile Lighting, Mode


Riegens Lighting, XAL, Bega Lighting UK, Oldham Lighting, Insta UK, Encapsulite Lighting, Profile Lighting, Mode Lighting


Kohn Pederson Fox

Meticulous lighting design creates a minimalist luminaire package designed to enhance every facet of this sleek architectural development.

The main lobby of 2 Kingdom Street sets the tone for the rest of the circulation spaces.  Discreet ambient lighting creates a background for the vivid, coloured feature wall without visual disruption of the triple height space.

The coloured glass fins are seamlessly backlit to provide an exciting backdrop to the reception desk.  Across the lobby, a concealed cove set into the ceiling softly washes a metal mesh fin wall.  The mesh wall also floats on a cushion of concealed linear light mounted at skirting level.  To complete the feature illumination package, the columns vanish into ceiling apertures, masked by a bright halo of light.

Ambient light in this space is provided by a randomised array of deep recessed gimbals.  Selected for their balance between power, adjustability and glare control, these minimalist fittings cast dappled light down to the floor.  The light also captures the reception desk, while the luminaires create no visual intrusion into the space.

We used the same gimbal fittings above the reception lobby bridge.  A lower output ensured the same lit effect, but with an appropriate lighting level for safe passage along the walkway.

Moving deeper into the building the luminaire package changes.  Almost disappearing altogether, it allows for uninterrupted views up through the 17-storey glazed North Atrium.

During working hours, ambient light in the North Atrium is almost wholly provided by bright spill light from the offices that look on to the atrium space.  This eliminated the need for dedicated ambient lighting to the ground floor.  It allowed instead for dramatic feature architectural lighting design to transform the space after hours.

Ultra-narrow beam externally-mounted spotlights cast light through the glazed roof.  Hitting the reflecting pool at ground level, the carefully controlled light bounces back into the atrium.  The effect is captivating, with any shift in the water’s surface rippling up the glazing.

Lift lobby spaces at each level make use of concealed cove details.  These cast subtle light on to the coloured glass walls, creating a striking feature visible throughout the atrium.  The same cove lighting casts light up through the glazed flooring of the lift lobby walkways, boosting ambient light levels without the need for additional ceiling-mounted luminaires.

Due to the height of the ceiling, emergency lighting in the North atrium needed to be column-mounted.  In order to avoid utilitarian emergency luminaire packs, we sourced emergency beacons with more architectural aesthetics.  These blend well into the language of the atrium.

So that the entire project has an aesthetic synergy, the external lighting continues the themes of discretion and control.  Robust luminaires sourced for their performance and quality provide the right light around the building, subtly and amply illuminating the public realm.

Fully encapsulated linear LEDs, set into bespoke details in the handrails, light the steps into the building.  Uncommon at the time, the feature created a dramatic and unexpected entrance to this sophisticated project.

  • commercial lighting design: KPF Kingdom Street exterior stairway