Science Museum

High contrast  |  Robust luminaires  |  Utilitarian lighting  |  Controlled glare  |  Bespoke lit furniture


Science Museum, London


Science Museum, London


Waldmann Lighting, Color Kinetics, Modular, Osram, Erco, RZB, Flos, Philips, Encapsulite, Philip Payne, Architainment, Lucent, McInnes Cook


Jump Studios


2007 FX Awards finalist - Lighting design


Beck Interiors

The Science of Spying was an exciting, interactive, family-oriented touring exhibition.  Designed by Jump Studios and lauched at the Science Museum in London in 2007, the exhibition toured various countries for the following 5 years.

Visitors, as newly inducted spies, had a new fake ID and a mission – to infiltrate the fictitious company of Osteck.  The various sections of the exhibition guided them through their mission.  They examined spy gadgets and learned spy skills before entering into Osteck.

The showpieces of the exhibition were the “van” and the surrounding floor space.  The gadget van, lit internally with a bright, cool fluorescent light, housed a variety of spy gadgets, set behind glass.  The glass cases also featured internal lighting to make the technology sparkle.  On top of the vans, satellite and surveillance dishes had clever illumination from miniature sources.  The light cast on to the dish surfaces made them glow, enticing visitors from across the hall.

On the surrounding floor space, bespoke giant keyboard keys created a sensational feature.  Internally illuminated in a rainbow of colours, the keys also featured a “kicker”.  When visitors sat on them, the kicker would thump the seat, creating a playful interactive feature.

A dramatically lit 3D sign marked the entry into Osteck.  Lit from a very shallow angle by a number of narrow beam spotlights, the sign cast a long shadow on to the wall, foreshadowing Osteck’s not-so-innocent plans.

Once inside, budding spies were treated to a variety of exciting exhibits, set into alcoves, on plinths in open areas and even a space designed to look as though concealed within a wall.


  • exhibition lighting design: Spy Exhibition
exhibition lighting design: Spy Exhibition