Hospitality Lighting Design

Our work in the hospitality sector ranges from singular boutique restaurants to national and global hotel and café chains. We bring the same passion for lighting to every project, regardless of scale or prestige.



By the nature of the sector, our team has to be able to quickly react to changes.  Our designers do this with both creativity and technical fluency.  We have a proven track record in meeting the needs of our hospitality clients.  Placing the perfect luminaire specification into layouts designed from scratch, our work brings the best out of any space.

Usage, themes, form, surface finishes and even geographical location play a big part in informing our hospitality lighting design work.  However, it is the principle of providing the best possible lighting that forms the basis of each project. We place the comfort of the lit environment and that of clientele high on our list of priorities, using well-controlled, expertly commissioned fittings to highlight the built environment without glare.

Vivid colour

Although some thematic decisions require the use of coloured light, we endeavour to retain lighting with the best colour rendering to enhance the appearance of food, finishes and artwork within our projects, making for a more vivid and enjoyable experience for every visitor.