Heritage Lighting Design

Preserving our heritage is important, and our team of lighting design specialists help to safeguard and protect it with the use of ingenious and innovative lighting.

We’ve worked on a large number of historically important projects, transforming even the most sensitive of architectural environments.

The challenges

Reconstituting period-like lighting with modern lighting technology can be a challenge and often our projects are subject to very stringent guidelines, due to the protection of the architectural fabrics of historical buildings for example. To combat this, we work closely with heritage organisations to ensure compliance, preservation and above all beauty in each of our heritage schemes.

Our breadth of experience in this area means that we’ve been approached to complete heritage lighting design projects for anything from ancient monuments and listed buildings, to museum displays and art exhibitions.

Past projects

Some of the highest profile work in our entire portfolio falls within the heritage sector, having successfully completed a number of interior and exterior projects.

For example, the Tower Environs scheme at the Tower of London showcases our ingenuity and sensitivity towards a true icon. The lighting of The Brasenose Chapel, Turner Whistler Monet exhibition and Waddesdon Gallery all display a similar level of skill.

View our full portfolio below.

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