Product Design

 Successful Product Design considers both environmental and aesthetic aspects.  We monitor developments in trends and technology, as well as materials and processes.  These developments inform the design of products that are innovative, efficient and have a clean, focused aesthetic. 

We create inspirational lighting solutions that are both energy efficient and visually beautiful.  Our team of specialist product designers works with architects, retailers and manufacturers.  We are continually searching for new ideas and pushing boundaries in light installations, lighting & product design. 

 LAPD are award-winning independent Product Designers who value the detail in every design.  We deeply enjoy the challenge of new projects and, above all, innovating for our clients.  Through the development of product ranges that conform to existing DNA constraints, we provide solutions which are commercially adaptable and desirable. 

In order to ensure any client brief is met with a successful product deliverable, LAPD follows a linear design process.  Tried and tested, our process flows from Discovery to Definition, through Development and, finally, to Delivery. 

The list below represents past and present lighting product design clients.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss our capabilities, together with how they could complement your requirements, in greater detail.