Components laid out

Simplifying Complexity – A technological challenge for the aspiring industrial designer?

Lighting Design, Lighting Technology, News

As time has progressed, so too has the evolution of technology. This decade in particular has seen a prominent growth in, not only the academic intelligence of humans, but also […]

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Teamwork paper cutouts

Changing roles in lighting design

Lighting Design, News

Lighting design has often been misunderstood, and undermined when viewed alongside other long-established disciplines such as architecture, mechanical engineering, landscaping and interior architecture. Often it can be the last element […]

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Lighting in Cluedo Murder Mystery house

Light and visual perception


At no point in our entire history of civilisation have we been able to create, curate and manipulate our living environment as we are able to now. From creating greenhouses […]

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Alarm clock

How light affects sleep


As humans, we are naturally inclined to sleep when it is dark and be awake when it is light. For the majority of human history, we have lived by the […]

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One Spinningfields interior lighting

The basics of interior lighting

Interior Lighting, News

Light is fundamental to the way we perceive indoor spaces. We may not always notice it consciously, but in addition to the furniture, the layout and the materials used in […]

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View of city emulating the future of lighting and connectivity

The future of lighting


The evolution of lighting has come a long way over the last decade, but what will the industry look like in years to come? We offer a holistic approach to […]

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Woolwich Square exterior lighting

The principles of exterior lighting

Exterior Lighting, News

Outdoor lighting is a necessity in our society. From amenities like streetlights to facade lighting and promotional lighting, our towns and cities are illuminated in a myriad of ways. There […]

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Track lighting on white ceiling

When to use track lighting

News, Track Lighting

Versatile, stylish and convenient, track lighting is now a popular choice for residential, commercial, galleries, hospitality and of course retail interiors. But is it right for your project? Here we’ll […]

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LED ceiling light bulbs

Do LED lights really cause ‘irreversible’ damage to eyes?

LED Lighting, News

In the light of recent and historical media reports, and the concerns regarding LED lighting, we take an in-depth look at the effects of artificial lighting, touching upon the impact […]

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Women's dressing room with natural white light, mirrors and seating area

Dressing room lighting – a perfect fit for your retail store

News, Retail Lighting

The fitting room environment plays a big part in customer buying decisions. Poor facilities, including bad lighting, all contribute to overall customer experience and as many as 40% of customers […]

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The trajectory of lighting technology through 2019

Lighting Technology, News

This post is based around the shift of lighting beginning to expand into an IoT platform, offering degrees of functionality far past providing illumination alone. Lighting will become more service […]

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How office lighting affects productivity and staff morale

News, Office Lighting

Both natural and artificial light have a significant influence on employee productivity and staff morale. Consider these tips to transform your office lighting and get the best out of your […]

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Architectural lighting at Koshino House - Tadao Ando

Taking inspiration from famous architects


As lighting designers we take inspiration from great buildings and spaces, and from the architects who created them; particularly those who embraced light and advocated its significance in their buildings. […]

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A T5 flourescent light

Technical trial compares T5 fluorescents and their LED counterparts

Lighting Products, News

LAPD recently carried out a technology trial, on behalf of a major client, to determine the viability of using direct-replacement T5 LED lamps in existing T5 fittings, using existing, high-frequency […]

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The Richard Wilson Installation 20:50 at Space Shifters

Space Shifters exhibition at the Hayward Gallery London

Lighting Exhibitions, News

Space Shifters is the latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in the Southbank. The exhibition explores a well curated collection of sculptural installations from a broad range of artists. The […]

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