Cultural Lighting Design

From the evocative Turner Whistler Monet at the Tate Britain, to the landmark Brick Lane Minaret and the breath-taking Brasenose College Chapel, our lighting design consultants work skillfully to enhance and preserve cultural spaces far and wide across the UK.

Working together with curators, clients and chaplains, LAPD ensure that each project is as sensitive as it is stunning.

Past projects

Our portfolio covers a wide range of projects. In the past we have transformed the lighting for museums and art galleries, exhibitions, icons, religious buildings and more.

A holistic and sympathetic design process is carried out in order to magnify the beauty of any structure, building or space – without altering the history and natural wonders within them. In doing so, our team of experts take these wonderful projects further, from great to spectacular.

For more inspiration, browse our full cultural portfolio below.

Get in touch

To discuss your project in detail, or to find out more, contact our team of cultural lighting design specialists via the online contact form. Alternatively, call us on 01707 290 010.