Architectural Lighting Design

Our expanding list of architectural projects encapsulates a wide range of buildings in terms of scale, scope and location.  We work with a broad range of architects across the globe, ensuring diversity in style.

Technical lighting

Slim linear lines of light and concealed coves often define architectural lighting design.  While we are fluent in the use of these techniques, we always strive to introduce something unique to our clients.  In doing so, we deliver a fresh yet appropriate response to their architecture. Often, our solutions require bespoke luminaires.  Our lighting design and product design wings collaborate seamlessly to create ideal project-based solutions to even the most complex of problems.

Landmark lighting

Our lighting is a key element in the work of several high-profile architects.  It maintain or even elevates their projects’ landmark status during the hours of darkness.  Creating this enhancement without detracting from the building requires restraint, balance and technical ability that our designers bring to each scheme.