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Façade lighting  |  Landscape lighting  |  Interior lighting  |  Continuous cove detail  |  Lighting responds to wind speed  |  Lighting integrated into wooden ceilings


Avgur Estate


Moscow, Russia


Encapsulite, Designed Architectural Lighting, ACDC, Mackwell, XAL, Targetti Poulsen,


SU 111

LAPD worked closely with the architect and design team to create a lighting scheme for this high-end office block in central Moscow.  The scope included the façade, surrounding landscape, lift lobbies and lastly, the interior reception.

The façade design demanded that there were no visible light fittings anywhere on the building.  Consequently, hollow panels that could incorporate linear LED grazing luminaires within alternate façade spaces facilitated this demand.  Above each luminaire, a panel was left empty and the array continued across the façade.  This allowed the luminaires to emit a narrow beam of light up the columns.  The light passed through the hollow panel above then faded out on the upper column.  This reduced the number of luminaires across the façade by 50% therefore creating a very clean design solution.

A light fitting on all of the columns and a continuous cove detail at the top of the façade gave the top of the building more prominence.  Similarly, at the bottom of the building, a continuous curved line of light defined the building perimeter.  This line of light flowed into the canopy, creating a linear navigational aid into the reception area.  All of the light fittings featured the same colour temperature.

The façade lighting luminaires, grouped into three circuits and linked to anemometer cups, provided dynamic effects driven by the wind.  Each circuit dimmed up and down according to the wind-speed.  Correspondingly, there is a gentle shimmer to the building at low speeds and a faster, more intense effect at higher wind speeds.

  • commercial lighting design: entrance way

The neighbouring, slimmer building was part of the same development.  It had a much greater percentage of glass within two of its façades, and two much slimmer stone façades pierced with tall slim windows.  We used RGBW linear LEDs internally to create a softer effect in comparison to the striking sheets of light opposite.  The strong highlights on some of the windows on the stone façade also created a link between the two buildings.

A soft, uniform effect using contemporary lanterns and some building-mounted luminaires illuminates the ground level car parking areas.

Decorative panels located throughout the landscaped areas have linear patterns randomly arranged across them.  The linear lighting in these panels echoes the lines of light in the canopy area.

Uplighting to trees located in front of them uses spotlights on raised bollards, keeping them clear of winter snow depths.  Cove lighting, recessed into the circular bases of some of the trees within planters to the front of the building, creates a beautiful and unexpected effect.


Inside the building, staggered linear light integrated into the wooden panelling illuminates the reception space.  The wooden feature, illuminated along its edges using a linear cove, floats off the main ceiling itself.  The detail creates impact and also a link with the external areas.

Cove lighting applied to the top of the columns and the reception desk reinforce the linear language, while boosting ambient light levels.

A combination of linear light and recessed indirect cove lighting casts a gentle, functional light throughout the lift lobbies.

The client was extremely satisfied with the results; a high impact, dynamic facade, and an elegant but striking interior, located in the heart of Moscow.