Retail Lighting Design

At the core of our practice is our ability to fully understand our clients’ needs and work with them to push the boundaries of their spaces and architecture.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our retail portfolio, where we have an enviable list of high-profile clients.  These clients rely on us to enhance their stores and merchandise through our fresh approach to lighting.


Multi-faceted lighting design

Our expertise enables clients to improve their retail spaces in many ways.  Commitment to greater sustainability through the use of LED technology, where ever-increasing efficiency allows for reduced energy bills; increased store environment comfort through the use of high quality LED luminaires that eliminate glare with cutting edge optics; improved store aesthetics, with intelligent design creating uncluttered ceilings to enhance architectural form; and a multi-layered visual experience, where seamless luminaire integration and control complements dramatic accent lighting.

Our lighting design considers every aspect of a retail property.

Retail display windows require dramatic, precise lighting in order to make the most of the merchandise collections, often having to compete with daylight.  Transitional spaces, entrances and vertical circulation zones have illumination criteria that can vary greatly and each retailer has a different vision as to how these spaces should look and feel.

Fitting rooms are an often-overlooked but critically important part of a retailer’s property.  Our team is constantly researching fitting room lighting.  In particular, we evaluate the best techniques and technologies to give our clients confidence that their fitting rooms will assist in driving sales.

Light levels vary between retailers and even departments within the same store.  Aspects such as target demographics and key merchandise lines can define the optimum lit environment.  We strive to create sales floor lighting layouts and control schemes that give the retailer maximum versatility, allowing them to alter their store layouts at will in the knowledge that the lighting can easily change with them.


Quality of light

Paramount in retail lighting is the quality of the emitted light.  Colour temperature stability, excellent colour rendering and flicker-free operation are cornerstones of high performance LEDs; our designers are always delving into LED specifications to create luminaire packages that exceed client expectations and improve customers’ perception.

Our lit retail environments blend technical prowess with creativity and flair, therefore making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied.