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Landmark Group - Centrepoint


Dubai – IBN Battuta


Flos, Sunrise Oasis


Dalziel & Pow


Award winner – RetailMe Awards 2019, Most admired store design of the year

Centrepoint represents the Landmark Group’s strategy to synergise it’s core retail concepts, Babyshop, Splash, SHOEMART and Lifestyle, under one identity, thereby projecting a single fashion destination for an aspiring generation of shoppers.

IBN Battuta was the first-in-line to undergo a full store design with the Centrepoint brand aiming to create a premium, coordinated aesthetic to elevate their stores further.

The large-format store featured plasterboard and open ceilings to break up the expanse and create departments within but with the holistic approach across the brands.

Closed ceilings were adopted through the majority of the store and brands, whilst a blackened, open ceiling approach was used within walkways and Splash, a youth fashion brand which required the subtle edgy difference.

The track and spotlighting were colour coordinated to ceiling, black within the open ceilings and white within plasterboard ceilings, this allowed the lighting to disappear into the background, and the merchandise to be king.

Careful consideration to minimize ceiling distractions was key, within the open ceilings, the black lighting system was suspended above the finished plasterboard ceiling line. This aided clear vistas across the store and crucially at mid-floor walls and perimeters.

Within the closed ceiling areas, a white recessed track and spot were concealed within a fabricated trough, again reducing ceiling clutter and allowing brand features to be emphasized.

To provide brand variation through the lit environment, careful consideration was taken to the optics. A higher ratio of narrow to medium beams was used for Splash which created the desired accent driven scheme. Whilst on the opposite spectrum, a higher ratio of medium and flood beams was used for SHOEMART and Babyshop which required a more ambient lead approach.

With a universal visual to the main store lighting, this gave way to several bespoke lighting features which adorned each brand at the stores’ entrance.

From custom made illuminated, faceted panels with integrated accent lights to underwater themed stretched ceilings, the feature lights were akin to each brand.

To further harmonizing the Centrepoint brands, a custom linear LED line of light sailed through the main walkways and open ceiling. This aided the flow around the store connecting the spaces as one, with a concentration of concentric swirls demarcating the cash desks and a cascade of lines drawing customers to the main fitting rooms.