Three Stores

Bespoke fibreglass pendants  |  Bespoke artificial skylights  |  Mixed use of LED, fluorescent and metal halide  |  Compact, budget specification 


Urban Salon (now Mowat & Co.)


National, United Kingdom


Ecosense, iGuzzini, Mackwell, Profile Lighting, Projection Lighting, 2D3D


Architainment, Atrium


Urban Salon (now Mowat & Co.)

LAPD worked in collaboration with Urban Salon Architects, now Mowat & Co. to design a fresh and welcoming environment that represented the brand values of Three.

Three strive to provide value, service, and simplicity.  They aim to make life easier for customers, helping them get the most out of their stores and products.  In short, the brief was to match this ethos.  For this reason, we created a simpler lit environment that was more enjoyable and productive.

The interior favoured a friendlier retail lighting design with a softer palette of colours, and finishes.  This was in contrast to the typical clinical, tech-orientated mobile phone stores.

Separate service zones were an important part of the store design.  Firstly, a welcoming Support Bar at the front, then round podium product displays towards the centre.  Lastly, a relaxed area for customers to discuss contracts.

The linear Support Bar allowed customers to discuss any queries on services or products without the pressure of sales.  Bespoke fluorescent skylights bathed the entire area with a soft cool light, giving it instant definition.


  • commercial lighting design: Three